Wildlife Control & Removal in Brazos Valley

Wild Animal Removal

Safe, humane removal of nuisance animals and pests from your home or property.

Wildlife Exclusion & Prevention

Reliable prevention from future animal intrusions in your home.

Wildlife Damage Repair

Professional repairs of attic damage such as soiled insulation, feces clean up, insulation blow in, and sanitation services.

Typical Wildlife Problems in College Station

Wildlife have the same basic needs as people -- food, water, and shelter. Wild animals will explore your property for resources to satisfy those needs.

By limiting access to those resources, you can effectively and humanely reduce the population. If wildlife become a nuisance, call a professional for a custom wildlife control solution.

Raccoon Control & Removal

Adaptable and clever, raccoons have no trouble thriving in Texas. Though they prefer woodlands, raccoons can live practically anywhere. Attics and chimneys make ideal den sites for a family of raccoons.
• Inspection-Footprints in or around home, large openings in siding or roof, raccoon droppings/latrines, torn, matted, or soiled insulation.
• Trapping & Removal- Live trapping, deterrents, one way doors are used to effective and humanely remove them from your property. 
• Repairs- Seal and reinforce all entry points. Restore and decomtaminate attic insulation. 

Squirrel Control & Removal

Squirrels seek out the safety of an attic for shelther especially if they are breeding which happens twice a year. In College Station, the most likely culprit in your attic is the eastern fox squirrel although grey squirrels also are present in Brazos County. If you hear noises from your attic early in the morning, it's likely a fox squirrel or grey  squirrel. 

• Inspection- Gnaw marks on, in, or around your home. Small openings to attics or the crawl space. Droppings. Debris like nuts or nesting materials.
• Trapping & Removal- Live trapping, deterrents, one-way doors.
• Repairs- Exclusion services focus on repairing and securing entry points. Removing debris, repairing nest sites, decontaminating droppings and urine.

Rodent Removal

Rats and mice are typical pest animals in a home. Proximity to water and buildings with plenty of entry holes allow the pests to travel freely and breed rapidly. In homes, a mouse or rat may contaminate food with waste, spread disease, and destroy property as well as cause costly repairs to AC systems, wiring, and insulation.
Inspection- Noises such as scurrying and rat or mouse droppings most prominent signs you have a rodent infestation
Trapping- Variety of traps available.
Repairs- sealing cracks, reinforcing soffit gaps, installing chimney caps, reinforced covers over vents.

Bat Control & Removal

Texas is home to 32 of the 47 species of bats found in the United States! Bats will enter attics to roost in large groups. As a protected species, special consideration must be made for bat control in College Station. If a bat is found within the living space of a home, it can be removed. Bats are capable of squeezing into the smallest of gaps and proper exclusion work is extremely important for the long term prevention of bats. 
Inspection- Small squeaking sounds. Piles of droppings in one corner of the house. Stains on walls and strong ammonia smell.
Trapping & Removing- Generally you can only remove a bat if its in the livable part of your home The use of custom made one way doors allows bats to leave freely but prevents the reentry. 
Repairs- sealing all entry points. Disinfecting area under roost from accumulation of guano. 

Snake in your Home

If you have a snake in your home odds are you may have another pest problem. Snakes generally enter a home looking for food. Snakes will also enter your home to explore, shed its skin, or as a temporary refuge. Removing the snake’s food source is necessary to reduce the chances of finding a snake in your home. 

Inspection- snake skins, snake droppings, odor  
Trapping & Removing- Live traps and direct capture are effective methods.  Eliminating any prey species and sealing off potential entry points will prevent snakes from entering your home.

Bird Control in Texas 

The Migratory Bird Act limits the methods of legal and humane bird control. 

Trapping & Removing- Trapping birds can be difficult. A better strategy for removal is to deny them places to land and nest like bird netting, bird slides and chimney caps. Bird species will determine the type of barrier and habitat modification that will be necessary to solve the current issue. 
Repairs- Removing any nests and repairing damage cause by nest building. Decontaminating areas covered in bird droppings, installing deterrents, and on going population reduction can be used to solve bird issues.

Lawn Invaders

During the summer months, nusiance wildlife might enter your property and damage it. Burrowing animals like armadillos, gophers, moles, and skunks can weaken home structures. Active skunks and armadillo will need to be trapped and removed, but the most effective method to control these lawn invaders is food source management and habitat modification. 

the use of dig fences, and closing gaps around decks and patios can help solve burrowing mammals issues. Pests such as moles and gophers need to be controlled through food source management, deterrents and ongoing trapping.


Wild Hogs

Wild hogs are a destructive force throughout Texas. Control methods like pig-proof fencing or sheep dogs have some effect, but trapping and firearm population reduction is the most effective means to solve a wild hog problem. Critter Control of College Station uses custom state of the art, corral style, wireless trapping systems. After capture the hogs can be removed alive and transported to state holding facilities. 

Q&A with Local Franchisee David Heithoff

What are some of the most common wildlife issues that homeowners face around College Station?
We see a lot of attic damage from squirrels, rats, raccoons.

How do the seasons affect wildlife activity around Brazos Valley?
We're busy in the spring breeding season and in the fall, when temperatures cool and indoor nesting begins.

What are some common signs of nuisance wildlife activity?
Strange noises in your home and attic, damaged lawns and gardens, pets acting strange

When should homeowners call Critter Control?
At the first sign of suspicious animal activity.

Any prevention or exclusion tips for residents near College Station?
Keep bird feeders away from the home, keep landscaping neat and branches off of roofline. Call the professional at Critter Control if you need assistance with animal prevention.

With over 30 years of experience, Critter Control is the nation's leading wildlife control company. At Critter Control of College Station, we're skilled at dealing with many of the Brazos Valley's most bothersome pest animals and stinging insects. Whether you need to remove raccoons, squirrels or rats from your attic, or get rid of hogs that are damaging your property, you can trust Critter Control to get the job done safely, effectively and humanely.

No Cats or Dogs. Contact local animal control for pets.